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We use 1 ingredient 100% Natural Real Human hair.

Balding is Despressing. There's no two ways about it.
Hair Illusion can't stop you from balding,
but it can conceal Thinning Hair & Bald Spots naturally. 

"I stand by my product 100%. If I didn't, I
wouldn't use it on my own head"

I was voted "best hair" in junior high school. For me, this is
emotional and something I never expected

My name is Ronnie and I'm the founder of Hair Illusion TM. I founded
the company largely as a result of my own battle with hair loss. While
perfection is quite hard to achieve, it's certianly something I strive
for everyday in my apperance.

As I have gotten older and started losing more and more of my hair, I
have looked for any solution available and tried all products that I
have come across




38g Real Hair Fibers
38g Real Hair Fibers
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19% OFF


Best product out on the market

"Best product out on the market! This was my 2nd purchase and am still blown away by the results. After my hair transplant earlier this year, I was dissatisfied that I still had thinning areas…this product does wonders to fix that!"

By rjr2004,
Comfortable enough to leave my house with no hat after 6 years!

"I recently purchased your items and words cannot express how happy I am. I suffer from a hair condition called Achne Keloid nuchea and because of the embarrassment I was having to wear hats through all weathers, at work and playing sports. The only time my hat was off was during the comfort of my home and even when guests came round I would wear a hat or hood. It has been a real strain on my life but today thanks to your product I felt comfortable enough to leave my house with no hat after 6 years. What an amazing thing you have done for me and I just wanted to say thank you"

By Courtney W

"After my hair grew back, after chemo and radiation, it was very thin and not all of my hair came back. Hairillusion product is amazing and looks real compared to the other products I've used. To top it all off your hands on approach with your customers makes me want to support your efforts. I'm not sure you know how life changing your products are!"

- By Robert,
Worth every penny

"Yesss!!!!!! I starting crying seeing my edges full again. I was sweating I splashed water to simulate rain I used my blow dryer to simulate wind and NO RUNS!!!!!!! Inside or outside in direct sunlight I couldn’t tell my edges was thin. JUST WOW ! THANK YOU GUYS FOR GIVING ME MY EDGES BACK!"

By g,