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Applicator With 3g Black Fiber - Hair Illusion LLC
Applicator With 3g Black Fiber - Hair Illusion LLC

Hair illusion Hair Fibers Spray Applicator to conceal thinning hair, edges, bald spots, receding hairline and alopecia

Hair Fibers, for concealing bald spots, hair loss, receding hairline, alopecia, women edges.

After applying hair illusion hair fibers apply our fiber hold spray for a stronger bond.

Our hair fibers are not powder like other brands (Toppik, for example).


  • Easy to apply the fibers with this spray applicator.
  • Better control of the amount of fibers used with each application.
  • Spreads the fibers equally and naturally – no clusters or disarray.
  • Allows for a more precise, exact aim in contrast to simply shaking fibers onto the scalp.
  • Directed spray uses fewer Hair Illusion fibers so you save money and your bottle lasts longer.
  • Instantly covers up thinning areas and bald spots.

To use on completely bald spots or hairline:

  1. Apply a light layer of Hair Illusion Fiber Hold Spray to the balding area to secure the hair fibers (please let the spray dry for 60 seconds).
  2. Apply Hair Illusion Hair Fibers by spraying the Hair illusion Real Hair Fibers Spray Applicator above the affected area.
  3. Finish with Hair Illusion Holding Spray, positioning the bottle 10-12 inches from your head and spritzing in short, easy sprays.
  4. Repeat steps 1-2 for best results and strongest hold.

Note: The Patent-pending interchangeable tip which will allow precise spraying of the hairline. For larger areas, simply remove the tip.

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