Discovering the Best Hair Concealer

Discovering the Best Hair Concealer

With so many hair loss products on the market today, it’s difficult to discern what is hype and what is going to actually help conceal your thinning hairline and bald patches. Whether you are a woman dealing with thinning edges due to hair extensions and weaves, or a man dealing with male pattern baldness or a receding hairline, hair concealers are designed to give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair in a natural way to reduce frustration and improve self-confidence.

Popular hair thickening products and concealers are made with a variety of compounds to create pastes, powders and fibers and applied to the scalp like paint, as a spray or simply shaken on. Most of these products are keratin-like synthetics or made with dyed cotton and rayon, not real hair.

Concealer Pastes and Powders

Concealing the bare scalp, hair loss concealer pastes coat the scalp and the base of the hair shaft with additional color to mask thinning hair and bald patches. Messy to apply, these pastes provide uniform coverage, but inhibits the ability of the scalp to breathe which can accelerate hair loss. Powders are similarly messy to apply, provide spotty coverage and easily flake off.

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Synthetic Keratin Fibers

Keratin is a natural protein that forms a protective layer around each hair fiber, yet adding too much keratin to the hair may cause the hair to become dry and brittle, leading to breakage and to a thin, straw-like appearance. Keratin fiber hair loss concealers cling to the hair, filling in thinning hairlines and edges. However, the micro hair building fibers can become clumpy, producing an uneven appearance or even flake off when touched, leaving a powdery film behind on clothing and bedding.

Real Natural Hair

Real hair, such as Hair Illusion Hair Fibers provides the fullest, most natural appearance because it is in fact real hair. Bonding to existing hair, the real hair fibers provide a fuller, thicker appearance without clumping or flaking. Real hair fibers are ideal for natural hair, seamlessly blending in without looking flat or dull. Free of harsh chemicals and additives that damage your remaining hair, natural hair fibers provide a safe, long-lasting application.

Perfect for all hair types, including natural hair, Hair Illusion hair fibers are made with 100% real hair for a natural look. Free of synthetics, animal products, powders and dyes, Hair Illusion fibers are easy to apply, electrostatically bonding to your existing hair to instantly create fuller appearance, instilling confidence day and night.